May 24, 2008

Studies of Prof. Hugo Rüdiger's Group at the University of Vienna Were Not Blinded; Urged the Group to Withdraw the Papers

The University of Vienna issued a press release (in German only) yesterday [23 May 2008] reporting possible scientific misconduct in studies conducted by Prof. Hugo Rüdiger's group. The IT'IS Foundation was involved in these studies only to the extent of defining the electromagnetic exposure conditions representing worst-case environmental exposures of humans and providing the equipment to expose cells with well-defined electromagnetic fields in terms of strength and signal properties. The IT'IS Foundation also conducted the dosimetry and ensured the appropriate functioning of the experimental systems. Our exposure systems support double blind protocols if appropriately used. The IT'IS Foundation was neither involved in the performance of the biological experiments nor in the statistical analysis of the results. The IT'IS Foundation contribution to this study met all requirements of advanced science and good laboratory practice.

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