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Mobile Phone Use and Risk of Acoustic Neuroma: Results of the Interphone Case-control Study in Five North European Countries

M J Schoemaker, A J Swerdlow, A Ahlbom, A Auvinen, K G Blaasaas, E Cardis, H Collatz Christensen, M Feychting, S J Hepworth, C Johansen, L Klæboe, S Lönn, P A McKinney, K Muir, J Raitanen, T Salminen, J Thomsen and T Tynes, in British Journal of Cancer, Volume 93, Number 7, 842–848, October 2005

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New study to develop anatomical high resolution models of adults and children

Within the framework of this study, four high resolution computer models of a woman, a man and two children will be developed

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Childhood Cancer in Relation to Distance From High Voltage Power Lines in England and Wales: a Case-control Study

Gerald Draper, Tim Vincent, Mary E Kroll, and John Swanson, in BMJ, Volume 330, p.1290, 4 June 2005

Experimental Phase of the TNO Study Completed

Experimental Phase of the TNO Study Completed

The experimental phase of the TNO study was successfully completed, i.e., the target number of EMF sensitive and non-sensitive persons completed the three exposure conditions. The study is therefore on schedule and the final results can be expected before the end of the year.

In the meantime, the study was cited in several Swiss media, however, not always in an accurate context. The response of the study consortium can be found here:

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Use of Cellular Telephones and Brain Tumour Risk in Urban and Rural Areas

Hardell's newest publication tested the hypothesis of an association between the use of cellular or cordless telephones and the risk for brain tumours in different geographical areas, urban and rural