Oct 13, 2004

Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma

Stefan Lönn, Anders Ahlbom, Per Hall and Maria Feychting was published in Epidemiology, Volume 15, Number 6, November 2004

A new study published on October 13th suggests an increased risk of acoustic neuroma from long term mobile phone usage of more than 10 years.

Additional background information can be found at the Microwave News website.

A similar paper, "Cellular Telephone Use and Risk of Acoustic Neuroma" by Helle Collatz Christensen, Joachim Schüz, Michael Kosteljanetz, Hans Skovgaard, Poulsen, Jens Thomsen and Christoffer Johansen, conducted under the same program (EU 5th Framework: QLK4-CT-1999-01563, IARC Interphone Study) did not however find any link between mobile phone usage and cancer