Oct 22, 2012

EMF Health Risk Research: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future – 7 years later

From October 21 – 25, more than 120 participants gathered on Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland for the second “EMF Health Risk Research: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future” workshop. This year's focus was on reproducible effects of low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF) on organisms, and on mechanisms of interaction between weak EMFs and human tissues. The ambitious aim of the workshop was to galvanize research efforts to close remaining knowledge gaps on interaction mechanisms and to offer a unique platform for open scientific discussion and debate on seemingly reproducible effects of low-level or weak EMF exposures. This year’s program also included the final presentation of the FP7 SEAWIND project, which focused on the health effects of wireless network devices.
This workshop provided a unique opportunity for researchers and experts to meet and interact, share ideas, and share their visions for the future of the field.

"I thank you for a well organized, intense, and scientifically stimulating workshop. The biological discussions were of a quite different quality than in the past - there is change and it is good." (Primo Schär, University of Basel)