Jun 19, 2012

Niels Kuster Receives Distinguished d'Arsonval Award

Niels Kuster received the highest scientific honor of the Bioelectromagnetics Society on June 19, 2012 at the 34th Annual Meeting in Brisbane, Australia with the following citation:


takes great pleasure in awarding the
d’Arsonval Medal to

Niels Kuster

whose creativity and accomplishments in bioelectromagnetics have expanded scientific knowledge;
whose exceptional innovations have advanced biomedical science, medical therapy, and mobile communications;
whose energy, vision and wisdom as engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, and leader enrich society and inspire colleagues and students;
and who opened a portal to revolutionary models for the transfer of electromagnetic energy to vital tissues.

Global travel has made the “Man in Black” a tireless bearer of excellence in thought, deeds, and taste, a standard for scientific truth, and a smiling face recognized universally among a global family of friends—which
is not to overlook the multitudinous voxels of his Virtual Family. With delight in recognizing his many enduring accomplishments, his energies dedicated to the Society’s journal, board, and as its President, and his high standing among colleagues, we, assembled in Brisbane, Australia for the Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting of the Society, proudly confer this Highest Honor in bioelectromagnetics this day, the nineteenth of June in the year two-thousand-twelve.

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