Jun 27, 2023

Javier García Ordóñez Wins 2nd Place Student Poster Award at BioEM2023!

Javier García Ordóñez of the IT'IS Foundation and ZMT Zurich MedTech AG placed 2nd in the student poster presentation competition at BioEM2023. This year's BioEM meeting was held June 18 – 23 in Oxford, UK. The title of Javier's presentation, co-authored by Taylor H. Newton, Morgane Burkhardt, Antonino M. Cassarà, Niels Kuster, and Esra Neufeld, was Optimizing Therapeutic Neurostimulation: A Generalized Activating Function for Metamodeling.

In Javier's presentation, a Green’s function-based extension to the classical activating function – the generalized activating function (GAF) – is proposed. The GAF improves the predictive accuracy of the stimulation while retaining computational efficiency and linearity. GAF-based predictions of optimal stimulation parameters for individual spinal roots in a spinal cord model were validated against detailed compartment-based electrophysiological simulations, and GAF-based optimizations made with a minimal set of independent electrode contacts in a multifascicular nerve model resulted in superior electrode designs.

Congratulations Javier!


Javier accepting his award from Luc Martens, BioEM President