IT’IS/SPEAG win the Best Symposium Paper Award at the APEMC2015 Conference
May 31, 2015

IT’IS/SPEAG win the Best Symposium Paper Award at the APEMC2015 Conference

The Best Symposium Paper Award of the 2015 Asia-Pacific International EMC Symposium was awarded to the IT’IS Foundation and Schmid & Partner Engineering AG for the paper “EMC/EMI Near-field Testbed for EM Phasor Measurements Using Active Optical Sensors” by Sven Kuehn, Martin Wild, Mario Gomez, Eugene Grobbelaar, Peter Sepan, Beyhan Kochali, Andreas Fuchs, Jan Lienemann, and Niels Kuster.

The award winning paper features the latest research in electromagnetic compatibility/interference (EMC/EMI) near-field scanning technologies.  The novel and distinctive characteristics of active photonic sensors for EM near-field phasor measurements include:

  • miniaturized active E- and H-sensors: <2 × 2 × 2 mm
  • non-interfering probe: RF over Fiber & Power over Fiber
  • broad frequency range: 10 MHz – 10 (25) GHz
  • sensitivity as low as environmental GPS signals
  • dynamic range of larger than 120 dB
  • traceable ISO17025 calibration with minimal uncertainty: <1.5 dB (k = 1)

The TDS and ICEy near-field scanning systems provide unparalleled performance for the analysis of EMI/EMC in the extreme near-field of highly integrated electronics, featuring micrometer resolution, measurements of all six phasor values, and traceable measurements with superior interlaboratory repeatability.

The team is honored to receive this award, the result of a competitive, multi-stage selection process, from the Asia-Pacific International EMC and the IEEE EMC societies as recognition of its innovative and high quality research.