Jan 25, 2011

IT'IS Papers of 2010 Highlighted by PMB

Two papers with IT'IS authorship have been included in the Highlights of 2010 paper selection of the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB),

Age-Dependent Tissue-Specific Exposure of Cell Phone Users
by Andreas Christ, Marie-Christine Gosselin, Maria Christopoulou, Sven Kühn and Niels Kuster
Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 55, pp. 1767–1783

The Clinical Feasibility of Deep Hyperthermia Treatment in The Head and Neck: New Challenges for Positioning and Temperature Measurement
by M M Paulides, J F Bakker, M Linthorst, J van der Zee, Z Rijnen, E Neufeld, P M T Pattynama, P P Jansen, P C Levendag and G C van Rhoon
Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 55, pp. 2465–2480

A third paper also relies on technology co-developed by the IT'IS Foundation:

Numerical Study of RF Exposure and the Resulting Temperature Rise in the Foetus During a Magnetic Resonance Procedure
by J W Hand, Y Li and J V Hajnal
Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 55, pp. 913–930

PMB selected the 30 highlighted articles from more than 500 for their presentation of outstanding new research, receipt of the highest praise from the international referees, and highest number of downloads during 2010.

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