Jun 30, 2011

IT'IS Paper Among 5 Most Cited Papers of PMB in 2010

An IT'IS paper is among the five most cited papers in 2010 of the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB),

The Virtual Family—Development of Surface-Based Anatomical Models of Two Adults and Two Children for Dosimetric Simulations

Andreas Christ, Wolfgang Kainz, Eckhart G. Hahn, Katharina Honegger, Marcel Zefferer, Esra Neufeld, Wolfgang Rascher, Rolf Janka, Werner Bautz, Ji Chen, Berthold Kiefer, Peter Schmitt, Hans-Peter Hollenbach, Jianxiang Shen, Michael Oberle, Dominik Szczerba, Anthony Kam, Joshua W. Guag and Niels Kuster

Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 55, pp. N23–N38, January 2010

The high citation level of this and other papers in the journal has helped raise the Impact Factor of the journal to 3.056 for 2010.