Jun 27, 2023

Cindy Karina Wins 1st Place Student Platform Award at BioEM2023!

Cindy Karina, PhD student at IT'IS and the ETH Zürich Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, was awarded 1st Place in the student platform presentation competition at BioEM2023. This year's BioEM, the annual meeting of the BioEM Society, was held June 18 – 23 in Oxford, UK. The title of Cindy's presentation, co-authored by Myles Capstick, Azadeh Peyman, and Niels Kuster, was Dielectric Properties of Rat Tissues at <10 MHz Measured with an Advanced Instrumentation.

Cindy's presentation was focussed on a novel instrumentation designed to measure the dielectric properties of biological tissues at low frequencies, based on a four-electrode probe topology with high input impedance to minimize the influence of electrode polarization. She evaluated the performance of this setup through a pilot study of rat tissues and presented her findings in detail. She also discussed some of the challenges she encountered and how they were overcome.

Congratulations Cindy!


Cindy accepting her award from Luc Martens, BioEM President