Sep 7, 2011

British Journal of Cancer Top Ten Most Downloaded Articles

The Boris Pasche group paper:

Treatment of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Very Low Levels of Amplitude-Modulated Electromagnetic Fields
Frederico P. Costa, André Cosme de Oliveira, Roberto Meirelles, Marcel C.C. Machado, Tatiana Zanesco, Rodrigo Surjan, Maria Cristina Chammas, Manoel de Souza Rocha, Desiree Morgan, Alan Cantor, Jacquelyn Zimmerman, Ivan Brezovich, Niels Kuster, Alexandre Barbault, and Boris Pasche, British Journal of Cancer, advance online publication, August 9, 2011,

coauthored with IT'IS's Niels Kuster, has become one of the Top Ten articles most downloaded from the British Journal of Cancer, within only two weeks of publication!


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