Exposure Evaluation
5G Safety Evaluation



Study of the high frequency dielectric properties of skinStudy of the high frequency dielectric properties of skin

The performance and coupling of on-device arrays for beam steering are studied with simulations.

Spatial-averaged power density simulation of a 28 GHz antenna.

Study of the high frequency dielectric properties of skin

The EUmmW Poynting vector probe designed by IT'IS.

5G Safety Evaluation

Expertise & Infrastructure

IT'IS is at the forefront of the development of 5G with respect to both dosimetry and regulation, and supports industry partners in ensuring compliance early on, preventing costly changes down the road. Wireless technology, exposure assessment, and health risk assessments have been core competences of IT'IS since its foundation. Together with industry partners, IT'IS is developing the next generation of near-field probes and techniques to accurately test compliance with EMF safety guidelines in the 6-100 GHz range. IT'IS also leads an international consortium of investigators to determine the real RF hazards and real biologically-relevant exposure limits for this range of frequencies, and to develop new tissue models to address exposure in the millimeter wave range.

The group’s exposure assessment laboratories are equipped with the most advanced tools including the cSARD6 and cSAR3D (left/right/flat/quad), the latest DASY6 RX90L with DASY52NEO licenses, and a wide range of specialized probes. With more than 100 SemCAD/Sim4Life licenses, including the Virtual Population 3.x and multiple animal models, and several High Performance Computers (HPC) ranging from Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) clusters to supercomputers, our interdisciplinary research team can tackle highly specific and complex research tasks with superior innovation and efficiency – while ensuring compliance to national and international standards.


Select Customized Research Projects of the Past Years
  • Developed the EUmmW probe, together with SPEAG, to perform close near-field evaluation in the 6-110 GHz range;
  • Collaborated with major mobile & chipset manufacturers on prototype systems for 5g millimeter-wave safety evaluations;
  • Developed transformation algorithms for close near field Poynting vector reconstruction and evaluation;
  • Collaborated with major manufacturers and the Mobile Manufacturers Forum on the development of thermal and skin models to define spatial averaging and safety thresholds in the mmW range.


Solutions Beyond State-of-the-Art

As many of the current exposure standards above 6 GHz are unnecessarily conservative (i.e., overestimating the risks and thereby hindering technology unnecessarily) and - most importantly - incomplete, the IT'IS Foundation is committed to expanding its activities collectively with potential partners. We support our partners through the entire development process, from device design to regulatory approval, including measurements, simulations, reporting, and communication with regulatory bodies.



We look forward to discussing with you how we can best support your R&D initiatives and regulatory submissions – simply call us at +41 44 245 96 96 or send us an email at customized@itis.swiss.